Introduction to Italian Culture

The School of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna promotes, for the AY 2016/17, a new seminar cycle titled "Introduction to Italian Culture".

The aim of the School is to offer to Italian and mainly to international students – even if they attend courses in other Schools – a fruitful and clear introduction to Italian culture and the way in which it is included in the specific cultural background of Bologna.

"Introduction to Italian Culture" consists in two seminar cycles, one for each semester (30 hours each for a total amount of 60 hours per year).

Faculty from the four Departments of the School will liven up Thursday nights during the academic year. This interdisciplinary course is organized in four different topics: "Italy before Italy", "Italian Renaissance and the Modern World", "Birth of a Nation", "Recent Trends", and in two annual topics: "Landscapes" and "Food". Also, students will participate in four special events: one info meeting and three tours of some among the most important cultural sites in Bologna, such as Palazzo Poggi and Cineteca (Film Library and Restoration Lab).

The meetings will take place from 8 to 10 p.m. in via Zamboni 38. Those who are interested can get 6 credits (CFU) for each seminar cycle (12 CFU in total). Attendance is mandatory (only 2 missed class per semester are allowed) and students are required to deliver a 10-page paper at the end of each semester on one of the subjects discussed during the course.

"Introduction to Italian Culture" is our best way to welcome foreign students, who will have a chance to deepen one of the most influent culture in Europe in the oldest University in the world with the best scholars.

In order to get credits, students must include INTRODUCTION TO ITALIAN CULTURE in their STUDY PLAN before the semester begins

We will present the course on the first lesson and then refreshments will be served.               

                                Info in summary

  •  All students allowed (recommended for international students)
  •  2 seminar cycles, 30 hours/6 CFUs each (mandatory attendance, 10-page paper)
  • First Semester cycle: from Sept. 29 to Dec. 15 + 2 special events
  • Second Semester cycle: from Jan. 30 to Apr. 27 + 2 special events
  • Topics: "Italy before Italy", "Italian Renaissance and the Modern World", "Birth of a Nation", "Recent Trends". "Landscapes", "Food"
  • Teaching Language: English


Useful information to correctly insert the lesson cycle(s) in the study plan:

- Teaching code "Introduction to Italian Culture (1)": 83692
- Teaching code "Introducation to Italian Culture (2)": 83693
- Coordinator: Raffaele Laudani
- Degree Programme: The lesson cycle is organized within the First cycle degree programmes (L) in History (0962)


Further information on the course contents:
83692 - Introduction to Italian Culture (1)
83693 - Introduction to Italian Culture (2)


Pubblicato il: 01 agosto 2016