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  • Docente Angelo Maria Mangini

  • Crediti formativi 6

  • Modalità didattica Convenzionale - Lezioni in presenza

  • Lingua di insegnamento Inglese

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    AMS Campus

Anno Accademico 2017/2018


"Introduction to Italian Culture" is primarily addressed to UNIBO international students from all Schools and Departments, with the goal of introducing them to the culture and history of their hosting country and city, but also for operating as a space of integration between international and local students. Conceived as an interdisciplinary program, the course is taught in English, and consists of two seminar cycles, one for each semester (30 hours each for a total amount of 60 hours per year). Every week some of our best faculty and guest lecturers will offer new insights on crucial aspects of Italian culture. Students can attend single classes of their interest, but they can also obtain academic credits. This year the course will focus on four different topics: "Italy before Italy", "Past & Present", "Birth of a Nation", "Recent Trends", "Landscapes". Each semester will also include two special events in which students will have the opportunity to visit some of Bologna’s most important cultural institutions such as the Palazzo Poggi Museum and the Cineteca.

The lectures will take place on Thursdays from 8 to 10 p.m. in via Zamboni 38, AULA 3.

Participants will get 6 credits (CFU) for each seminar cycle (12 CFU in total). Attendance is mandatory (only 2 absences per semester are allowed) and students are required to submit a 10-page paper (approx. 4,000 words) at the end of each semester on one of the topics discussed during the course. In order to get credits, students must include INTRODUCTION TO ITALIAN CULTURE in their STUDY PLAN before the beginning of the relevant semester.

All students are welcome to attend the first introductory session (21 September), which will be followed by light refreshments

                                      Info in summary

  • All students welcome (recommended for international students)
  • 2 seminar cycles (Thursdays 8-10 pm) + 2 special events; 30 hours/6 CFUs each semester
  • To get the credits: you can attend either a single semester (6 CFU) or both (12 CFU); attendance is mandatory (only two absences per semester allowed), you must submit the final essay(s); you must include the course in your study plan before the beginning of the semester.
  • Assessment: 10-page paper (approx. 4,000 words) per semester (pass/fail)
  • First Semester cycle: from Sept. 21 to Dec 7 + 2 special events
  • Second Semester cycle: from Feb 1 to May 3 + 2 special events
  • Topics: "Italy before Italy", "Past & Present", "Birth of a Nation", "Recent Trends", "Landscapes"
  • Teaching Language: English

Contacts: italianculture@unibo.it

Metodi didattici

11 lectures + 2 special events

                            PROGRAM FALL 2017

Sep 21 Welcome Day (refreshments will be served)

Sep 28 LANDSCAPES The University of Bologna: Centuries of Architecture and Identity / Francesco Ceccarelli:

Oct 5 RECENT TRENDS Italian Pop Music / Marco Santoro

Oct 12 ITALY BEFORE ITALY Images of Dante / Giuseppe Ledda

Oct 19 RECENT TRENDS Carla Lonzi and Italian Feminism / Paola Rudan

Oct 23 SPECIAL EVENT #1 Discover the Cineteca di Bologna

Oct 26 ITALY BEFORE ITALY On the Way to Reality: Cimabue & Giotto / Fabrizio Lollini

Nov 9 LANDSCAPES Beyond the Picturesque: Understanding Italian Landscape / Tullio Pagano (Dickinson College)

Nov 16 PAST & PRESENT Screening the Classics: Italian Literature and Cinema / Edoardo Ripari

Nov 23 BIRTH OF A NATION A Strange Pity: An Italian Path to Romanticism in Verdi’s Operas / Stefano Colangelo

Nov 25 SPECIAL EVENT #2 Science and Art: the Palazzo Poggi Museum

Nov 30 PAST & PRESENT Digital Humanities: Theory, Methods and Techniques / Francesca Tomasi

Dec 7 BIRTH OF A NATION Fascism and Antifascism / Patrizia Dogliani

Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento

To get the credits students are required to submit a 10-page essay (approx. 4,000 words) at the end of each semester. The essay will be assessed on a pass/fail basis.

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